Intellectual Property

In today’s business world of global trade, rapidly developing technology, digital information and brands, intellectual property and intangible assets are often recognized by successful businesses as key asset and competitive advantage.

IP management includes clear business strategies on commercialization of patents and other intellectual property rights (trademarks, design etc.) through process of creating, developing and protecting ideas and inventions.

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Information Technology

Many business and government organizations struggle to realize full potential of their IT investments; however, high-performance companies view Information Technologies as a strategic asset.

IT shouldn’t be just a cost, but foundation of operational excellence, critical contributor to business with focus on improving performance, increasing productivity and helping management reach better decisions.

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“You are what you eat” works for organizations too. Procurement is one of the key elements in achieving organization’s strategic goals where purchased goods and services usually consist of more than half of an organization’s cost base.

Process driven procurement in context of economic uncertainty, globalization and environmental responsiveness can deliver reduced cost, decreased risks and drive revenue and market share.

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